Maintaining Health And Finances During Injury Settlements

Moving towards a settlement is not a clear sign of victory. It's a good sign that the other party is accepting some responsibility for the situation. A settlement is not an admission of guilt, but it is an assumption of financial responsibility, and your legal opponent's next job is to make you walk away with as little money as possible. To make sure that you're as physically, mentally, and financially secure as possible, here are a few points to consider before accepting any amount of money--no matter how many zeroes are after the dollar sign. Read More 

3 Common Plea Bargains Offered During DUI Cases

As a driver, there are few charges you can be slapped with that are more concerning than a DUI charge. With a guilty verdict on a DUI charge, you can be left with stiff penalties and a record that follows you for many years. However, in some situations when a person is charged with a DUI, the prosecuting attorney will offer some form of plea bargain, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the circumstances. Read More 

3 Tips To Get The Minimal Sentence For Burglary

Burglary is the type of crime that can lead to you being charged with a felony, but it depends on the value of the merchandise that was stolen. If you are on the run after being considered a suspect in a burglary that you are, in act, guilty of, it might be time for you to face the crime. You must understand that you will only get yourself into deeper trouble by continuing to evade the authorities. Read More 

How Small Businesses Owners Can Guard Against Class Action Lawsuits

Many small businesses owners never assume they can become victims of a full class action lawsuit. However, it's possible for such a thing to happen. If you have a small business, understand that class actions do not only happen to large corporations. They can happen to you as well, and here's how you can protect yourself against them. Understand what a Class Action Lawsuit Can do to Your Business A class action lawsuit comes about because a group of people feels your business wronged, injured, or otherwise did them damage in some way. Read More 

Sneaky Insinuations To Be On The Lookout For During A Workers Compensation Claim

You can be going about your usual day at work one minute and the next be injured and having to file a workers compensation claim with your employer. You may fully expect your employer to step up and make sure you are taken care of through the ordeal, but in a lot cases, this is not what happens at all. Between an employer trying to dodge responsibility and their worker's compensation insurance company trying to back them up while they do, you can feel like you are going to be left to deal with your injuries alone. Read More