Don’t Make These Common Estate-Planning Mistakes

Estate plans are more than just making a will and taking out a life insurance policy. A complete plan involves several types of documents and a series of actions on your part. You can learn from other's mistakes by taking a look at the below common estate-planning misses, though. Read on and find out more. Don't Forget To Plan For Incapacitation A good estate plan deals not only with what happens after death but incapacity too. Read More 

Fast Or Slow – How Will Your Bankruptcy Go?

As bankruptcies go, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is probably the quickest way to obtain fast debt relief. In fact, upon your federal filing, your creditors must immediately stop contacting you and all forms of debt collection must cease immediately. How fast the remainder of your bankruptcy goes depends on your circumstances. To find out what might influence the pace of your debt discharge with Chapter 7, read on. An Ordinary Filing Read More 

What To Do If You Are Charged With Driving Under The Influence

Each year, around a million people are arrested for OVI charges. They are believed to have operated a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you are found to have been driving while inebriated, you can suffer dire repercussions, including the suspension of your license, costly fines, and possibly even jail time. Thus, allegations of intoxication while driving should be taken seriously. Here are a few measures that you should take if you are charged with driving under the influence. Read More 

Can You Really Sue A Telemarketer?

Telemarketers are annoying. Nobody wants to be bothered with phone calls when they are trying to go about their day. Unfortunately, many telemarketers do not abide by the restrictions put in place, which means that you are faced with the annoyance of constant phone calls. You my have heard of suing telemarketers for harassment, but is it really possible? Here's what you should know. What's the Problem With Telemarketers? The Telephone Consumer Protection Act is designed to protect you from receiving unsolicited calls and texts as part of telemarketing efforts. Read More 

4 Items to Bring to Your First Consultation With a Car Accident Lawyer

If you were involved in a car accident and only got minor injuries or damages on your car, you must be thankful for life. Getting a chance to continue living should never be taken for granted. But even if you were lucky, you have to handle the stress that comes with such incidences. You need to seek medical help, get the car fixed, and ensure all damages are paid for by the at-fault party. Read More