When A Personal Injury Case Goes To Trial: What To Expect

The vast majority of personal injury cases never see the light of a courtroom. The attorneys handling both parties can generally negotiate and come up with a settlement that satisfies their clients. However, there are a small number of cases that can only be settled in a courtroom by trial. Given the rarity of this situation, some accident victims have no idea what to expect. Here is what happens during a trial. Read More 

Myths About Your Wrongful Death Case

A wrongful death can be one of the most tragic events that a family can experience. Rather than feeling powerless about pursuing justice against those that are responsible for the death, you as a survivor can become informed so they can make informed legal decisions. Myth: All the Compensation from a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Will Be Heavily Taxed The assumption that all of the compensation from the wrongful death lawsuit will be heavily taxed can be extremely discouraging to those that are considering their options. Read More 

Receiving Social Security? When Will You Need A Lawyer?

Social Security benefits are something you can get when you retire or if you become unable to work any longer due to injury or illness. When it comes to these kinds of benefits, you get what you put in, in most cases. The more money you earn and the longer you work, the better your chances will be that you will land a decent amount of Social Security when you need benefits or become eligible for the benefits. Read More 

4 Reasons It’s A Good Idea To Hire A Car Accident Attorney

When you're involved in a serious car accident, it can make for a traumatic experience. No matter the specifics and who is at fault, it's a situation that no one wants to be involved in. If you do find yourself in a car accident, it's a good idea to seek legal representation as soon as you can. Car accident attorneys have experience dealing with accident law and can protect you. Here are some of the reasons it's a good idea to hire a car accident attorney. Read More 

3 Basic Things To Understand When Facing Any Type Of Criminal Charge

For anyone who has never faced criminal charges, understanding the whole criminal law process can be somewhat confusing. If you can relate and are now facing a charge, here are three important things you should understand about the case you are preparing to settle. You are the defendant and the state is the plaintiff For you to have criminal charges brought against you, it is the state you live in, or the state where the crime was committed, that must pursue these charges against you. Read More