4 Items to Bring to Your First Consultation With a Car Accident Lawyer

If you were involved in a car accident and only got minor injuries or damages on your car, you must be thankful for life. Getting a chance to continue living should never be taken for granted. But even if you were lucky, you have to handle the stress that comes with such incidences. You need to seek medical help, get the car fixed, and ensure all damages are paid for by the at-fault party. If this situation isn't handled properly, it can take a toll on your finances.

Seeking help from a car accident lawyer makes things easier as they will help you get the compensation you deserve for the injuries and damages. But before filing an injury claim, you will need to meet up with the car accident injury lawyer to discuss the matter. Here are some documents you should bring.

1. Bring the Police Report

After an accident, you are expected to contact the police at the scene to determine who was at fault, collect evidence and write a report. This report will shed light on what happened days later after the accident. So if you get a copy, be sure to share it with your car accident injury attorney at your first meeting.

2. Bring the Photos

The photos you or a witness took will give your lawyer a clear picture of what happened on the day of the incident so they can build a strong case. You can still take pictures of the damaged car at home or the tow yard if you couldn't take the pictures after the crash. Also, do not forget to carry photos of your injury to prove how you got injured severely. You don't want people to assume the injuries were minor just because you have recovered, and this will reduce the settlement amount.

3. Bring the Hospital Bills 

Since you sought treatment after the injuries, you deserve to be compensated by the at-fault party. However, they cannot just pay any amount, so carry the clinic or hospital bills you got. If your physician recommended that you seek alternative treatment from a psychologist, chiropractor, or any other similar healthcare provider, they will include the costs in the claim.

4. Bring Proof of Insurance

Although you weren't at fault, your insurance carrier may be entitled to pay you for the damages. So, be sure to bring the proof of insurance so the lawyer can determine if the coverage is useful at that moment. If it's not then, they'll make sure the at-fault party pays for your pain and suffering.

These documents will assist your car accident injury attorney in creating the best plan to get your claim, so do not leave them at home.