When Do You Need a Child Support Attorney?

Child support is a crucial aspect of ensuring children’s well-being post-divorce. However, when a parent is not fulfilling their financial obligations towards their child, it can have harsh repercussions. In such scenarios, you need the help of a child support attorney. This blog post aims to guide you through the circumstances that necessitate a child support attorney. A Parent Refusing to Pay Support If your ex-spouse refuses to pay child support without any valid reason, hiring a child support attorney is necessary. Read More 

Pedestrian Law Attorney: Your Ally After a Crosswalk Accident

You're strolling through the crosswalk, obeying the pedestrian signals when suddenly, you're hit by a car. It's a frightening situation that no one should ever have to encounter, but it happens more often than you'd think. When it does, hiring a pedestrian law attorney becomes essential. Here's why.   They'll Understand Your Rights Understanding your rights as a pedestrian isn't easy. Laws vary from state to state, and navigating them can be overwhelming, especially when you're dealing with the aftermath of an accident. Read More 

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Assist You After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are wont to result in an unfortunate amount of physical and emotional trauma. In the aftermath of such incidents, victims often find themselves facing medical bills, loss of income, and other unforeseen challenges. During a challenging period after a motorcycle accident, a personal injury lawyer who specializes in this type of case can offer invaluable support. Here's how.  Understanding Your Rights The legal ramifications of a motorcycle accident can be complex. Read More 

Understanding The SSDI Application And Medical Disability Connection

Medical evidence is crucial when applying for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) benefits because it serves as the primary basis for determining the presence and severity of a disability. Read below for some key reasons why medical evidence is so important in the SSDI application process. Establishing a Medically Determinable Impairment  To be eligible for SSDI benefits, you must have a medically determinable impairment (MDI) that meets the SSA's definition of disability. Read More 

The Role Of Eyewitness Testimony In Your Car Accident Case

A vital component of any auto accident is potential witnesses. Eyewitnesses are those who witness the accident. While they are often valuable to your auto accident case, their testimony can also have disadvantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of eyewitness testimony? Here is some information about these important people. Where Do You Find Eyewitnesses? Look around at the scene of your accident. There are often people there who are not directly involved in your mishap. Read More