Going Through A Divorce? How A Family Attorney Can Help You Overcome Parental Alienation

If you're going through a divorce and your spouse is engaging in parental alienation, you might not think you have a leg to stand on. Spouses that engage in parental alienation use tactics to undermine the relationship that their children have with the other parent. If that's happening to you, it's time to take action. If you haven't hired a family attorney yet, now's the time to do that. You can't afford to fight parental alienation on your own. You need an experienced family attorney on your side. Here are four ways that a family attorney can help when you're facing parental alienation. 

Document Alienating Behavior

If your spouse is engaging in parental alienation and that behavior is affecting your divorce and custody case, you need to hire your own family attorney. You might not be able to recognize all of the alienation tactics your spouse is employing during the divorce, but a family attorney will. Not only that, but they'll bring those tactics to the attention of the judge. Without an attorney on your side, your spouse will be in control of the case. Your attorney will level the playing field by documenting any alienating behavior that your spouse attempts to use against you. 

Ensure Proper Counseling

If your spouse is using parental alienation against you during your divorce and custody battle, you and your children will need counseling. Unfortunately, if your spouse refuses to agree to the counseling, you might have a battle on your hand. One of the benefits of hiring a family attorney is that they can request a court order for family counseling. That way, you and your children receive the counseling you need without interference from your spouse. 

Provide Legal Support

If you're going through a divorce and you're dealing with the effects of parental alienation, you need all the support you can get, including legal support. It's hard enough to navigate a divorce without the effects of parental alienation. Once you add parental alienation to the mix, divorce can be nearly impossible. Before you're faced with legal obstacles that you don't know how to overcome, you need to hire a family attorney. They'll give you the legal support you need to get through your divorce and to survive parental alienation. 

Reduce Intimidation

If your spouse is using intimidation to control you during your divorce and they're using parental alienation to create a wedge between you and your children, it's time to get legal help. There are steps that your attorney can take to prevent intimidation and parental alienation. 

To learn more, contact a family attorney.