Sneaky Insinuations To Be On The Lookout For During A Workers Compensation Claim

You can be going about your usual day at work one minute and the next be injured and having to file a workers compensation claim with your employer. You may fully expect your employer to step up and make sure you are taken care of through the ordeal, but in a lot cases, this is not what happens at all. Between an employer trying to dodge responsibility and their worker's compensation insurance company trying to back them up while they do, you can feel like you are going to be left to deal with your injuries alone. Read More 

What Rights Are Protected By The Pregnancy Discrimination Act?

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act has made it illegal since 1978 for employers with 15 or more employees to discriminate against women who are pregnant, intend to become pregnant, or have recently been pregnant. But what rights, exactly, are you afforded as a result of the PDA? The PDA protects women against discrimination for potential or actual motherhood. You can't be fired because you're pregnant, nursing, or intend to become pregnant. A potential employer also can't ask you if you have children or plan on having children in the near future. Read More 

Two Things That Can Trigger An Adversarial Proceeding

Most bankruptcy proceedings go through without incident. However, sometimes the trustee will challenge something in a person's case, leading to what's known as an adversarial proceeding where the trustee seeks some type of redress that can't be obtained by filing a motion or paperwork with the court. If the judge decides in the trustee's favor, you could end up paying more money than you anticipated, lose assets, or even have your case dismissed. Read More 

3 Uncommon Effects Of A Whiplash Injury

A sudden and violent back and forth jerking motion of your head and neck sustained during an auto accident may result in a whiplash injury, which can lead to severe neck pain and decreased range of motion. While these are the most common effects of a whiplash injury, other, less common symptoms can occur, which can be either temporary or permanent. If you sustain permanent injuries related to these less common whiplash symptoms, your physician and auto accident attorney can help you determine if you should go forward with legal action. Read More 

About Getting Justice In A Nursing Home Abuse Case

Did you notice that a particular nurse is always in the room with you when visiting your parent in a nursing home? If out of curiosity you decided to examine your parent and found bruises, it is possible that physical abuse has been taking place. You might want to hire a lawyer so he or she can determine if you have a strong enough case for filing and winning a lawsuit. Read More