Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Workers Compensation

If you have involved in a psychologically stressful situation at your job, you may be eligible for workers compensation. While it is more challenging to receive workers compensation benefits as a result of PTSD, claims are allowed and it is possible to recover damages, including your medical expenses and lost wages if the illness is found to be permanent. PTSD is a serious and debilitating disorder and could impact your ability to work. Read More 

Obtaining Compensation After A Misdiagnosis Of Serious Illness: How Lawyers Can Help

It's a type of malpractice, although one that tends to conjure up very mixed emotions. What happens if you were misdiagnosed with a serious -- possibly fatal -- health disorder, only to discover that the diagnosis was wrong? You may feel grateful that it turned out to be an error, while also having intense negative feelings toward the doctor and medical facility. You may deserve financial compensation for what happened, particularly if you experienced physical or emotional harm. Read More 

Two Important People Needed To Prove PTSD In A Personal Injury Case

If you were involved in a traumatic accident, and you develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), then you may include this in your personal injury claim. As usual, however, you will need to convince the judge or jury that you have PTSD. Apart from your doctor's notes, you need the testimony of these two people: Expert Witness An expert witness is a professional with knowledge and experience in the subject matter at hand, which, in this case is PTSD. Read More 

Car Accident Victims: Time Limits On Filing Your Case And The Discovery Of Harm Rule

The time limit for filing a personal injury case is determined by the statute of limitations, which varies by state. If you wait too long to file a personal injury lawsuit, you won't have the right to file, regardless of your injuries. The range is wide, from one year to file a personal injury claim in Louisiana, Kentucky and Tennessee, to a ten year statute of limits to file a claim in Oregon. Read More 

Applying For SSD Benefits After A Back Injury: How A Lawyer Can Help With The Process

Are you no longer employed because you are suffering from a severe back injury that limits your ability move without pain? You can replace a portion of your lost income with social security disability (SSD) benefits with the assistance of a lawyer to help you get approved. Discover below what a lawyer can do to make applying for SSD benefits a smoother process and what he or she will charge per hour. Read More