Vital Reasons To Retain A Skillful Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

When you accrue more debt than you can reasonably and promptly pay off, you may have no choice but to file for bankruptcy. This legal action may be the only way to protect your bank accounts and finances from creditors.

However, you also may need some help figuring out what kind of case to file for your particular situation. You may get the advice and legal help you need when you put an experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney on retainer.

Including Eligible Debts

When you are uncertain about what kinds of debts you can include in your case, you can ask a knowledgeable Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney for advice. This lawyer can tell you whether or not you can include debts from medical bills, credit card expenses, student loans, and payday lines of credit in your filing. You can also find out if you can include civil judgments, speeding tickets, and defaulted taxes in your case.

By knowing what debts you can include, you may be able to protect your finances and bank accounts from the most expensive and detrimental forms of collection, such as garnishments or bank levies. You can also escape these debtors laying claim to assets like your house or car.

Barring Creditors 

When you have a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney on retainer, you also gain a legal advocate who can take over communicating with your creditors. After you file your case, all forms of communication, including letters and phone calls, from creditors must come to an end. The court in charge of your case may direct creditors to only discuss debts you owe to them with your Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney.

This barring of communication with them can give you peace of mind when it comes to answering your phone or going to the mailbox. You also avoid the worry of getting a garnishment letter at work or a letter from your bank saying your account has been frozen. Any actions from your creditors must go through the office of your Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney or the trustee in charge of your case.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can offer professional legal services when you need help dealing with massive amounts of unpayable debt. You can find out what kinds of debts you can include in your case's filing. You can also avoid communicating with your creditors and have them speak directly to your bankruptcy lawyer.