Hiring An Accident Lawyer To Pursue Compensation For Your Expenses

When you are in any kind of accident that you did not cause, you might worry about how you are going to cover expenses like medical treatment or taking time off from work. You fear your own health insurance company might refuse to pay for your medical costs because you did not cause the accident. You also wonder how you can take time off without losing the money you need to sustain yourself and your household.  

Legally, you may have no reason to worry about such expenses. You may get them covered partially or entirely when you hire an accident lawyer to pursue the compensation you may be legally entitled to where you live.

Filing an Insurance Claim 

One of the first ways your accident lawyer may try to recover monetary damages for you involves filing an insurance claim against the insurer of the person who caused the accident. This person's auto or property insurance may be legally responsible for paying for your medical treatments, prescription, rehab bills, and lost income, as well as any other expenses you incur from the accident.

You may hesitate to file a claim on your own. You also may not know how to file an insurance claim. Instead of trying to negotiate with the insurer on your own, you can hire an accident lawyer who can file the claim and make sure it is paid out in full to you.

Filing a Lawsuit

If the insurer or the responsible party refuses to pay out your claim, they may be targeted with a lawsuit. Your accident attorney can file suit against one or both of them to compel them to pay what they legally owe you.

This lawsuit can also pursue punitive damages you may be entitled to for your emotional or mental suffering. It can take the case before a judge or jury who can hear evidence and determine whether or not or how much damages you are entitled to under your state's personal injury laws.

Accepting a Settlement

Finally, your accident lawyer can negotiate and accept a settlement on your behalf. He or she can determine what is a reasonable amount to accept and make sure it covers your accident-related expenses, including your lost income and therapy bills.

An accident lawyer can file an insurance claim and pursue compensation on your behalf. This attorney can also file a lawsuit against the insurer or responsible party if necessary and negotiate a settlement for you.

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