Injured After Slipping & Falling On A Neighbor’s Property

All it takes is for someone to slip and fall to be left with a long-term disability that changes the outlook of his or her life. For example, visiting a neighbor's home and falling down the stairs after slipping on a damaged floor could injure various body parts. That is why it is important for homeowners to warn guests when there are tripping hazards or other problems that could lead to someone getting injured. Were you injured on a neighbor's property after slipping and falling but he or she refuses to be held liable for your medical expenses? It is time to hire an attorney because you do not deserve to suffer a financial loss due to the negligence of your neighbor.

Holding Your Neighbor Liable Could Be Complicated

Although you were injured on your neighbor's property, it does not mean that the injury is his or her fault. The most difficult aspect of your case will be proving that your neighbor is liable for the injury, which can be impossible without an attorney's help. Depending on where you were injured on the property, someone else might be responsible for your injury. For example, if you tripped on concrete that was recently laid out but done in an unprofessional manner, the concrete contractor might be responsible. In some cases, multiple people can be held responsible for a slip and fall injury, which is what an attorney will sort out on your behalf.

The Promptness of Your Medical Treatment is Important

Did the seriousness of your injury lead to you needing an ambulance, or did you return home and wait a while before getting treated? In your neighbor's defense, he or she might claim that your injury did not happen on his or her property. An attorney will be interested in knowing about your actions regarding medical treatment immediately after the injury occurred, such as whether you went to the hospital, made an appointment with your primary care provider, or waited a few days or weeks before getting treated. Your case is stronger if there is proof that you received prompt medical treatment.

Homeowners Insurance Might Cover Your Medical Expenses

Depending on whether your neighbor's home is covered under an insurance policy and what is written in the policy, you might be able to file an insurance claim. If the insurance company provides enough money, you can avoid suing your neighbor. However, if your injury is expected to leave you with a permanent disability or change your quality of life, you might need to file a lawsuit for the fullest amount of compensation deserved.

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