Situations When Your DUI May Become Worse

Being charged for drunk driving is a serious offense that can cause severe consequences in your life. Your punishment could also worsen if your case involves aggravating factors like if you have a high blood alcohol content, if you are a regular offender, or if you injured someone in a collision. Therefore, if you were arrested for DUI, you may want to consult a lawyer to enable you to know how your charges may impact your life. They will share with you the following information, demonstrating how different situations can worsen your DUI.

The Consequences You Might Face if You Are Below 18 Years

Being a minor does not give you immunity when you appear in court for drunk driving. You will face the law if sufficient information indicates you were intoxicated during your arrest. The only difference in your case is that you will be tried as a juvenile. However, your penalties may be just as severe as those recommended for an offender who is over 18 years. This explains the importance of contacting a DUI lawyer immediately after being arrested for drunk driving. They can use different defenses to convenience the judge to offer you a lesser punishment.

The Consequences You Might Face for Being a Habitual Offender

Most judges do not treat habitual offenders the same as first DUI arrests. Therefore, you may have to pay a higher fine if you appear in court for the second time for drunk driving. Besides, the judge might jail you longer, sentence you to additional months of community, or give you a lengthy driver's license suspension. A third DUI might be even worse because you might face a mandatory jail sentence. However, a legal advisor can help you avoid getting a harsh penalty even if you have previously been charged with DUI.

The Consequences You Might Face for Driving With a Minor

When arrested for drunk driving, you land into deeper trouble if you have a minor in your vehicle. The judge will treat your case as child endangerment, leading to a maximum DUI sentence. Your punishment could also include losing the custodianship of your kids in addition to the jail sentence. Therefore, if you are charged with DUI with kids in your car, you should contact a DUI lawyer immediately to defend you in court.

Even a DUI charge that seems like a simple case can be a serious offense when you appear in court, and you should better your chances of a lenient punishment by contacting a lawyer after the arrest. For additional information, contact a DUI lawyer in your area.