Can You Really Sue A Telemarketer?

Telemarketers are annoying. Nobody wants to be bothered with phone calls when they are trying to go about their day. Unfortunately, many telemarketers do not abide by the restrictions put in place, which means that you are faced with the annoyance of constant phone calls.

You my have heard of suing telemarketers for harassment, but is it really possible? Here's what you should know.

What's the Problem With Telemarketers?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act is designed to protect you from receiving unsolicited calls and texts as part of telemarketing efforts. It's quite possible that you have received calls and texts in spite of protections, meaning that your rights have been violated.

What Are the Rules?

The laws vary regarding telemarketers and harassment. For example, telemarketers should not reach out to you if you are registered on the Do Not Call list, and they have to follow rules specific to telephones and cell phones, for example.

There are even specific hours in place for telemarketers to work. For example, they should not be calling you late at night or early in the morning. They must also provide a name and a reason for calling you.

When telemarketers do not follow the rules, they are harassing consumers. This applies especially when they contact the same individuals and businesses over and over. In these situations, you may be able to make a case for harassment.

When Should You Hire a Lawyer?

Say that you have already put yourself on the Do Not Call registry and you have even put a request orally and in writing that the telemarketer stop calling you. The calls or texts just do not stop. In this situation, you might need a law firm on your side to handle your case.

What Damages Can You Recover?

There are a few types of damages you can recover based on the harassment you have endured. For example, you may be able to recover a set amount in exchange for each attempted communication from the telemarketer after you have asked for this individual or business to stop calling you. If you can prove other damages, like a lost job, you may be able to collect more.

Speak With a Lawyer to Stop the Harassment

You do not have to be harassed by telemarketers each day. You can fight back. A lawyer can help you demonstrate a pattern of harassment so that you can put a stop to harassing phone calls. Contact a telemarketer harassment lawyer to learn more.