Professional Help Required: Defending Drunk Driving Charges

If you recently ended up behind bars and accused of driving while intoxicated (DUI), you need help. If you are convicted of a DUI, you can face expensive and extremely inconvenient punishments. While lawyers do cost money, the fee paid to an attorney is nothing compared to facing those serious charges on your own. Read on to find out exactly why a criminal defense attorney is so important for those arrested for a DUI charge.

The Police Report

Depending on the exact circumstances of the arrest, you may be offered bail or released on your own recognizance. Once free, you should seek out a copy of the arrest report. This document is usually available shortly after your arrest from the arresting agency and will contain a plethora of interesting and important information.

The arrest and the events leading up to it will play a key role in how your case eventually turns out. DUI arrests are far from routine—each one is unique. Though you were actually present at the time of arrest, the arrest report, also known as a police report, provides you with insight into how events unfolded from the point of view of the arresting officer. Your attorney will scrutinize the report and any other evidence with a keen eye towards identifying any improper actions of the law enforcement officers.

The Traffic Stop

There must have been a good reason, known as probable cause, for the officer to make the stop. You might have strayed from your lane, spent too long at a stop sign or green light, or were driving far too slow. Officers are trained to spot those who might be under the influence. Once stopped, your demeanor, breath, and other clues alert officers to the potential of a DUI charge.

The Field Sobriety Tests

People are seldom arrested for a DUI without the arrest being accompanied by a field sobriety test. There are several standard and often-used tests, and the results of all of them can be challenged. Those tests rely on the test subject having no physical or neurological impairments that might affect the result. It takes a trained officer to administer and interpret the results. Blood alcohol content (BAC) test results are more difficult to challenge, but this too must be handled properly.

If you are convicted of a DUI, a lot is on the line. You might be facing a loss of driving privileges, exorbitant fines, classes, ignition interlock usage, and even jail time. Speak to a criminal defense attorney, such as Kevin T Conway Esq Pc, to give yourself a fighting chance.