What Makes A Good Juror?

The right to a trial by jury is something that each American citizen is entitled to. Members of the public are randomly selected to become part of the jury pool, and attorneys must draw from this pool when creating a jury for each trial case. Each individual brings a unique perspective to the case, so selecting the right jury members is essential.

Look for the following characteristics when selecting jurors to ensure your client has the best possible chance at acquittal.


You will want to ensure that the personal and professional relationships of the jury members you select will not interfere with the jury's ability to give your client a fair chance. If you are trying a medical malpractice case, avoid selecting anyone with ties to the medical professional when creating a jury.

If your case involves murder allegations, ask potential jurors if anyone they are close to has been a victim of a murder in the past. Unbiased jurors are essential when it comes to your client receiving a fair trial, and personal or professional relationships can cloud a juror's view of your case.

Experience with Law Enforcement

Another important aspect of a potential juror's life that must be evaluated is his or her experiences with law enforcement. A jury member who has had some negative interactions with the police (such as those who have received a speeding ticket or been unfairly accused of a crime) might be more sympathetic toward your client.

Juries often rely on their own experiences when deliberating, so you want to select jury members who will be more likely to accept that the legal system makes mistakes from time to time.


Many citizens dread the thought of serving on a jury. Although jury duty is a civic responsibility, some potential jurors will have a better attitude than others. It's important that you carefully evaluate the attitude and disposition of each potential juror.

Someone who is unhappy about their jury duty summons will be more likely to transfer that displeasure to your client when the time for trial arrives. A potential juror that has a pleasant demeanor and seems willing to be a participant in the legal system will serve as an asset to your client's jury.

Jury selection is an integral part of any trial case. Picking the right jurors can mean the difference between your client's freedom and significant jail time. Look for jurors with the right characteristics to give your client the best possible chance at a not guilty verdict.