Regardless Of Wealth ~ Everyone Should Consider A Prenuptial Agreement

Are you planning to get married? If so, it may be worth your time to consider getting a prenuptial agreement with the help of a company like Tracy McMurtrie Luck & Associates. According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, divorce lawyers have seen an increase in couples opting for prenuptial agreements. 

Perhaps you are thinking that prenuptial agreements are legal agreements that are only sensible for couples who are wealthy. You are likely also blissfully in love, and you may feel as though you would never get divorced. Circumstances and feelings can change, and that is why there are a number of couples who see the importance of having a prenup even if they are not currently wealthy.

Protection Against Future Custody and Support Battles

A prenuptial agreement can outline what will happen if a marital relationship with children deteriorates. For example, the agreement could include joint custody, or it could also include the percentage of income one parent agrees to pay to the other in child support.

Protection Against Infidelity

If you have strong views about cheating, your prenup could also include a clause about infidelity. For example, a clause regarding spousal support from a cheating spouse or the forfeiture of certain assets could be entered into the agreement.

Protection Against Becoming Indigent

Including a clause in your prenup agreement that addresses what a stay-at-home parent would recoup in the event of a divorce is wise. Imagine forgoing your career to stay home and raise your children. Years later you could find it difficult to enter the workforce, and you may also have little or no assets. A court of law could determine that you did not actively participate in the marital assets. A prenup could address future division of property or support payments to ensure that you are taken care of.

Protection for Heirlooms

Perhaps you have heirlooms in your possession that have been passed down for generations. Their importance may be of more sentimental value than monetary value. It is important to list these items as yours in your prenup agreement. Otherwise, it is possible that your future spouse could be viewed as legally able to claim some of the items. The best way to include these items is by entering them in the agreement as an itemized list.

Final Thoughts

A family lawyer is the best resource to use for guidance regarding a prenuptial agreement. These professionals can also assist with making amendments to existing prenups, and they can also assist with drafting postnuptial agreements, which are agreements that take place during a marriage. Some couples opt for postnuptial agreements instead of filing for divorce or legal separation when their marital relationships become strained.