Proving Your Innocence In A Car Accident Case

If you had recently been involved in a car accident with another vehicle, and the other party is claiming it was your negligence that had caused the incident, you will most likely wish to prove your case so you are not responsible for medical reimbursement or auto body charges through your insurance. If your insurance pays for these things, you are at risk for higher premiums. Here are some of the steps you should take in proving your innocence in a court of law. 

Hire Representation

The most important step to take when fighting a claim against you involving a personal injury is to get the help from an attorney. Hiring an attorney that specializes in both personal injury and traffic law will be best as they may be able to find falsified information in the plaintiff's claims to help prove your innocence. 

Retain Witnesses

If you had seen anyone in the vicinity at the time of the accident, find out if they would be willing to write out a summary of what they had seen at the time of the incident. This report may be able to be used as evidence in court. If they are willing to come to testify on your behalf, this is favorable to your case as well.

Check For Surveillance

Find out if there were any traffic cameras that had captured the incident on tape. The town would have this information and your car accident lawyer would be able to request a copy of the footage to be used in court. If the accident occurred in front of businesses or in a parking lot, there may be personal surveillance cameras that can be checked for information.

Hire A Private Investigator

If you believe the defendant is falsifying their injury claims, you may be able to prove this by hiring a private detective to follow them when they believe no one is watching their movements. They may add dramatic motions to their movements when in the presence of people involved in the case and then go about as normal when they do not need to carry on their act. These actions along with medical information from their doctor may show that they are pretending to be injured when they are not hurt at all. If it is proven that the plaintiff has falsified their injury claims, the insurance will pull funding completely and charges will be dropped against you completely.