The Hidden Trauma Of Auto Accidents: Injuries You Can’t See

When you're involved in a car accident, your immediate focus is probably on the obvious damage – the visible damage to your car and any obvious cuts, scratches or other wounds. What you may not realize is that car accidents cause a wide variety of injuries that aren't as obvious. It is important that you understand these hidden dangers and their warning signs so that you can get medical attention right away. These injuries are harder to prove in an auto accident case, because they are not as obvious. Here is a look at several different types of injuries that you may not know you have until much later.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are a serious risk after a car accident. Some internal injuries may become apparent during the emergency services' examination on the scene, but others may require more in-depth assessment by a physician or an emergency room physician. Sometimes, these injuries require ultrasound or other detailed exams to identify them.

In addition to potential organ damage, deep internal bruising can also be a serious concern. This type of injury won't necessarily appear until a couple of days after the accident, and will probably require the evaluation of a physician when symptoms appear so that you have documentation that your discomfort is related to injuries sustained in the accident.

Neck and Back Problems

Commonly called whiplash, injuries to your neck and back can be a serious concern due to the amount of pain and discomfort they often cause. Whiplash exhibits in many different ways, including neck and back pain, stiffness, limited movement and even persistent migraines.

If you're struggling with upper body pain, neck and back discomfort or chronic headaches, you should make sure to have these symptoms medically documented, since whiplash injuries aren't always apparent after an accident, instead becoming apparent in the days afterward. It can take almost two months to fully recover, which can be costly in time lost from work and therapy visits.

Psychological Struggles

One of the hardest things to prove in a car accident is emotional or psychological trauma. Although some people experience a car accident and move on without any ill effects, other people find that they are plagued with fear, anxiety and overwhelming emotional upset afterward. Sleep issues, persistent fear of vehicles and other debilitating psychological problems can be overwhelming. Since it doesn't occur with everyone and the symptoms are internal, this type of injury can be a difficult one to document in court.

You'll need to make an appointment with a psychological professional who can do a full assessment and issue you a clinical diagnosis. Some of the most frequent types of conditions diagnosed after an auto accident include post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. If the accident was a fatality, survivor's guilt is another common and complex condition. These types of conditions are often compensated under a pain and suffering award in an auto accident case.

You don't have to suffer through your accident injuries alone simply because they aren't obvious to the public. If you believe that you've experienced any of these types of injuries after your accident, reach out to a car accident attorney at Rosato Law Offices in addition to your medical professional. The attorney can help you seek compensation to get you back on your feet after the incident.