Why You Need A Motorcycle Accident Attorney When You’ve Been In A Bike Wreck

Owning a motorcycle means you face certain scrutiny. You may be perceived as a reckless driver simply by the type of machinery you drive, even if you have never gotten a speeding ticket or had an accident in your life. There is a lot of danger in owning and riding a motorcycle as well--studies have shown that fatality due to a motorcycle accident is the 12th largest cause of death in the US. A motorcycle accident is an unfortunate occurrence, and should be dealt with as seriously as possible. Learn why having a motorcycle accident attorney, such as The Law Office of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., by your side is the smartest option when you've been in a wreck.

Property damage

Motorcycles are more likely than cars to hit fixed objects in an accident. If you've hit a parked car, a storefront, a house, or even a tree, you may have to pay for the damage you have caused in addition to the worry over paying for your own injuries (not to mention the damages to your bike). A motorcycle accident attorney can help with your insurance claim to include any damages done to property you have hit, including helping you avoid getting sued by owners who are affected by your accident.

Personal injury

The injuries a motorcycle victim can have are extreme. Without a seat belt and large vehicle to protect you, your seemingly small accident can cause massive whiplash, back pain, broken bones, and other injuries that can take months to heal and a lot of money to repair. A motorcycle accident attorney can help you file your claim so you get the funds you need to pay for many things, including:

  • rehabilitation
  • hospital stays
  • medication
  • lost work hours due to injury


Motorcycle drivers are expected to follow strict laws that vary by state, which makes them vulnerable when it comes to the legalities of their accident. Even if you aren't at fault for your accident, you may still be punished for simple things, such as the placement of your license plate, the size of your mirrors, and even the style of your bike. To help avoid legal repercussion, a motorcycle accident attorney can stand by your side, and help prove that you are not only a safe driver, but one that deserves respect as well, even though you ride a motorcycle. This goes a long way to helping you prove your insurance claim and in getting the assistance you deserve.

There is a great chance that you will be in a motorcycle accident at some point in your riding career. A motorcycle accident attorney can help you get the justice you deserve, whether you are a hardcore biker or new to the experience on the road.