Regardless Of Wealth ~ Everyone Should Consider A Prenuptial Agreement

Are you planning to get married? If so, it may be worth your time to consider getting a prenuptial agreement with the help of a company like Tracy McMurtrie Luck & Associates. According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, divorce lawyers have seen an increase in couples opting for prenuptial agreements.  Perhaps you are thinking that prenuptial agreements are legal agreements that are only sensible for couples who are wealthy. Read More 

Divorce Tips: Guide To Tell Your Children About Custody Changes

The issues related to a divorce do not end when you sign a piece of paper, especially when there are children involved. One of the biggest problems that your children have to deal with is not seeing a parent as much as they usually do. Children usually prefer both parents at home, so explaining that they will have to visit their mother or father in different homes is not a simple task. Read More 

Proving Your Innocence In A Car Accident Case

If you had recently been involved in a car accident with another vehicle, and the other party is claiming it was your negligence that had caused the incident, you will most likely wish to prove your case so you are not responsible for medical reimbursement or auto body charges through your insurance. If your insurance pays for these things, you are at risk for higher premiums. Here are some of the steps you should take in proving your innocence in a court of law. Read More 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Workers Compensation

If you have involved in a psychologically stressful situation at your job, you may be eligible for workers compensation. While it is more challenging to receive workers compensation benefits as a result of PTSD, claims are allowed and it is possible to recover damages, including your medical expenses and lost wages if the illness is found to be permanent. PTSD is a serious and debilitating disorder and could impact your ability to work. Read More 

Obtaining Compensation After A Misdiagnosis Of Serious Illness: How Lawyers Can Help

It's a type of malpractice, although one that tends to conjure up very mixed emotions. What happens if you were misdiagnosed with a serious -- possibly fatal -- health disorder, only to discover that the diagnosis was wrong? You may feel grateful that it turned out to be an error, while also having intense negative feelings toward the doctor and medical facility. You may deserve financial compensation for what happened, particularly if you experienced physical or emotional harm. Read More