How To Present A Strong Motorbike Accident Claim If You Weren’t Wearing A Helmet

Not wearing a helmet can have a negative effect on your motorbike accident claim. This is because helmets are not only required by law, but they also reduce the risk of severe injuries. However, you can still get good compensation for your motorbike accident claim if you go about it the right way. Here are a few tips to help you mount a strong claim in such a case: You Didn't Incur Head Injuries Read More 

Steps That Business Owners Can Take To Reduce The Risk Of Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

As a business owner, your primary goal isn't just to turn a profit — it's also to ensure that the work environment you provide your staff is safe. One possible threat to workplaces can be sexual harassment. Not only can this be difficult for the victim, but it can also leave you entangled in lawsuits that drain your bank account and energy. To successfully send a message that sexual harassment isn't welcome in your workplace, as well as show that you weren't negligent in the event of a suit, here are some simple steps that you must plan to take. Read More 

Know Who You’re Dealing With: The Players In A Law Firm

There are not just lawyers in a law firm. There are several other law-related careers involved. You would be surprised at how often you do not actually speak with a lawyer when you initially speak to a law firm employee over the phone or in person. It also does not dawn on most people to even ask about the degrees and official job titles or roles of people in the law firm. Read More 

What Makes A Good Juror?

The right to a trial by jury is something that each American citizen is entitled to. Members of the public are randomly selected to become part of the jury pool, and attorneys must draw from this pool when creating a jury for each trial case. Each individual brings a unique perspective to the case, so selecting the right jury members is essential. Look for the following characteristics when selecting jurors to ensure your client has the best possible chance at acquittal. Read More 

Three Reasons A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Is Better Than Other Forms Of Debt Relief

If you are overwhelmed by debt and are starting to fall behind on your monthly obligations, you are likely looking for debt relief. Before you decide to use one of the debt relief services you may have seen advertised, you should consider a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy restructures your debt so you are able to pay some or all of it back. The following are a few advantages that a Chapter 13 bankruptcy has over other forms of debt relief. Read More