Excessive Trucker Demands May Cause Accidents That Require A Good Lawyer To Fight

Truckers have a tough job, one that can be complicated by heavy demands that may be unreasonable. For example, a trucking company may ask that its drivers travel for much longer than is legal or safe. These demands can be very problematic and lead to accidents. In this situation, a settlement may be put forth, but it is wise to use a truck accident lawyer to fight for more money. Read More 

How a DUI Conviction Can Restrict Your Life

Incarceration is not the only thing to fear upon a DUI conviction. A DUI conviction can restrict your life in various other ways. Below are some of the common forms of restrictions judges hand to DUI convicts. 1. House Arrest A house arrest restricts your presence to your residence. You won't be able to leave your home if you are under house arrest. The court may only allow you to leave home in a few exceptional cases. Read More 

Two Tips For Proving You Were Fired For Filing A Worker’s Comp Claim

When you're injured at work, you have the right to submit a claim with worker's comp and get paid for any damages and losses you suffered. To avoid paying the claim or just to be spiteful, some employers will fire employees who file for worker's comp. This is called retaliatory termination and is completely illegal, but proving it can be very challenging. Here are a couple of things you can do to make your case and obtain the outcome you desire. Read More 

3 Divorce Types For Ending Your Marriage

One of the more emotional times in life may be when you realize that your marriage is no longer working.  This could be due to several reasons that may range from financial to infidelity. It's ideal for getting through this time with the least amount of challenges. Knowing the best divorce type to suit your needs can be extremely beneficial. 1. Uncontested divorce One of the least stressful types of divorce is an uncontested one. Read More 

When A Personal Injury Case Goes To Trial: What To Expect

The vast majority of personal injury cases never see the light of a courtroom. The attorneys handling both parties can generally negotiate and come up with a settlement that satisfies their clients. However, there are a small number of cases that can only be settled in a courtroom by trial. Given the rarity of this situation, some accident victims have no idea what to expect. Here is what happens during a trial. Read More