Why You Need A Motorcycle Accident Attorney When You’ve Been In A Bike Wreck

Owning a motorcycle means you face certain scrutiny. You may be perceived as a reckless driver simply by the type of machinery you drive, even if you have never gotten a speeding ticket or had an accident in your life. There is a lot of danger in owning and riding a motorcycle as well--studies have shown that fatality due to a motorcycle accident is the 12th largest cause of death in the US. Read More 

5 Causes Of Fatal Collisions Between Truck Drivers And Passenger Vehicles

When a passenger vehicle collides with a semi-truck, the consequences can be fatal. Although accidents happen, in many situations the causes of these accidents could have been avoided. Not only does the size of commercial trucks makes them a serious threat to other vehicles on the road, but many truck accidents are the result of a negligent truck driver who fails to use proper precautions when getting behind the wheel of a semi-truck. Read More