Three Areas Worth Discussing When You’re Speaking To A Personal Injury Attorney

Following an injury of any type, it's advantageous to seek the services of an attorney whose practice specifically focuses on personal injury cases. With this legal expert on your side, you'll gain an understanding of the next steps you should take as well as have a valuable ally in your corner as you go through the process of getting ready to file the case. While it's ideal to hire an attorney promptly, it's also good to speak to a few different attorneys before you sign any paperwork. Read More 

3 Common Misconceptions About Social Security Disability

Many people today struggle with mental and physical disabilities. They can affect people of all ages. Regardless of what type of disability you might be dealing with, you deserve to be compensated fairly for your claim. Instead of struggling to make ends meet, you can turn to disability payments to get you by. Social Security disability payments often help those who cannot work and do the things they should be able to. Read More 

Don’t Be Falsely Accused Of Shared Fault

Motor vehicle accidents aren't always black and white. Sometimes there is one at-fault party, and other times more than one driver is to blame. This is known as a shared-fault accident. Attorneys representing insurance companies or the deemed at-fault party will often work hard to find accident victims at least partially at-fault to prevent their client from having to cover the entire cost of the accident. If you've found yourself in this type of scenario, it's important you know how to protect yourself. Read More 

Trademarks, Patents, And Copyrights Oh My!

When it comes to business, there are certain legal terms that are helpful to know. Unfortunately, making sense of these legal terms isn't always easy. For example, everybody has heard the terms trademark, patent, and copyright before, but many people don't understand the differences between them. While they serve similar functions, the ways in which they're each used varies greatly. If you're starting a business or coming up with a new invention, understanding what trademarks, patents, and copyrights are is important to protect yourself and your work against competitors and potential lawsuits. Read More 

Personal Liability When You Have Been Driving While Intoxicated

If you have been charged with driving under the influence, you could be facing some serious penalties if you are found guilty. If you were responsible for the injuries of a passenger or you caused a car accident that resulted in significant harm to the other driver, you may find yourself in a big mess of trouble. When you drive under the influence, you are held responsible for your actions, regardless of if you understood what you were doing or not. Read More