Understanding and Avoiding Age Discrimination

When it comes to hiring employees, it is crucial to avoid age discrimination. There are a variety of ways to hire people without discriminating against their age. There are severe legal ramifications at risk if a candidate believes they won't be hired because of their age. Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring employees and ensuring you don't discriminate due to age. Understanding Age Discrimination The first step in ensuring you avoid age discrimination in the workplace is to understand exactly what age discrimination is. Read More 

Three Options For Writing A Will

If you are considering writing a will, then it's also important to consider the different ways to accomplish this. Here are three options that you have when writing a will.  Option #1: Do it Alone The first option is to write out your will on your own. There is nothing that dictates that you must hire a specialist to write a will. As long as you have few assets and plan to leave half of your belongings to your spouse, you might be able to simply write your own legal document. Read More 

What Is A Civil Annulment Case?

A couple might get married for various reasons, but as time passes the joining of hands might not be what was originally believed by one or both of the participants. If certain conditions are met, a civil annulment can reverse a marriage without having to issue a divorce. Grounds for Civil Annulment The laws provided for civil annulment can differ with each state and are granted by the state government after the court proceedings are completed. Read More 

The Executor’s Guide To Probate In 4 Steps

Being appointed to oversee an estate can be both an honor and an overwhelming responsibility. Since most executor's duties are tied to the probate process, having an understanding of this process can help provide potential executors with an overview of what will be expected of them. Read on to learn more about the 4 steps in the probate process and the tasks that will await you as the estate's executor. Read More 

Answers To A Few Common Real Estate Questions

Making the decision to purchase a piece of real estate can be a choice for anyone to make. In addition to representing a sizable investment, there are numerous legal issues that can accompany property ownership. For those that will be buying a piece of real estate for the first time, learning the following answers to a few common real estate questions may help you to be better informed about this transaction. Read More