What To Do If You Are Charged With Driving Under The Influence

Each year, around a million people are arrested for OVI charges. They are believed to have operated a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If you are found to have been driving while inebriated, you can suffer dire repercussions, including the suspension of your license, costly fines, and possibly even jail time. Thus, allegations of intoxication while driving should be taken seriously.

Here are a few measures that you should take if you are charged with driving under the influence.

Have Someone Else Drive You Home

If you are taken to jail and released on bail, it is best to have someone else drive you home. Once you have been charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence, your license may be automatically suspended. As a result, you may not legally be able to operate a vehicle to drive yourself home on your own. Rather than risk breaking the law, simply designate a friend or family member to pick you up and drop you off at home.

Make Arrangements for Your Day in Court

Before you are released from jail, the authorities will likely inform you of the date that you are required to appear in court. This date should not be missed. Thus, if you have to make arrangements with your employer to make sure that there are no conflicts or reasons that you fail to appear in court at the required time, do so.

Additionally, be sure that you dress well and bring all required paperwork to court with you. Try to include a written recollection of what transpired on the evening of your arrest in addition to testimonies of people who can testify about your state of mind and sobriety on that particular evening.

Contact an OVI Attorney

If you intend to maintain your innocence during the court hearing, be sure to hire an attorney. If you were not drinking or using drugs on the day of your arrest, a legal professional can help you prove that.

Sometimes, the field equipment that police officers use to test sobriety, such as breathalyzers, may not work properly. Additionally, there can be valid reasons why you may have failed a sobriety test while you were sober. Some people have difficulty performing physical tasks when they are unusually nervous or fearful.

If you have been charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence, schedule a consultation with an OVI defense attorney in your local area. Many OVI lawyers are willing to provide an initial consultation free of charge.