3 Divorce Types For Ending Your Marriage

One of the more emotional times in life may be when you realize that your marriage is no longer working.  This could be due to several reasons that may range from financial to infidelity. It's ideal for getting through this time with the least amount of challenges. Knowing the best divorce type to suit your needs can be extremely beneficial.

1. Uncontested divorce

One of the least stressful types of divorce is an uncontested one. However, your spouse must agree to end the marriage or you'll need to choose another method for doing so.

Some of the benefits of choosing this divorce are that you won't have to go to court, and you could pay much fewer legal fees. You may be able to end the marriage within a much faster time by selecting this method.

2. Contested divorce

If your spouse doesn't want to get the divorce, you may need to choose a contested divorce. This will typically take much more time to obtain but could be the only way you can end the marriage.

You may need to go to court to determine how the assets will be divided among you. This can take time to accomplish, and you may need to pay more significant legal fees because of this.

3. At-fault divorce

Many marriages end because one of the spouses may have done something that violated the wedding vows. There are many reasons to get an at-fault divorce, and some of these are below:

1. Having a sexual affair with another person outside of the marriage.

2. Being committed to prison for an extended amount of time.

3. Dealing with any physical abuse from your spouse.

4. Being left by your spouse for a long time.

Keep in mind that you'll want to prove what happened in your marriage that caused you and your spouse to have issues. The court will look closely at these, and this could be the ideal way to ensure you can get a divorce without blame to you.

Taking the time to work with a legal professional is the ideal way to ensure you will choose the right divorce to meet your needs. This can make a huge difference in how quickly you can obtain the divorce and could make this situation easier for you. Working with divorce lawyers can allow you to have the success you need when ending your marriage.