House Fire – How To Dispute Your Homeowner’s Insurance Claim After A Denial

A house fire is one of the worse things that can happen to a family. Your home has suffered serious damages and you have loss memories. You have homeowner's insurance and feel that your damages are covered. However, you file your claim and it is denied. Read on to find out how to dispute your homeowner's insurance claim after a denial.

Review Your Insurance Claim

It helps to hire an insurance dispute attorney. You want to choose someone with a good track record of winning this type of case. Your attorney can review your denial letter and ask your insurer for clarification. If your settlement was lowered because the policy cites exclusion, then you need to ask your adjuster to point the section out in your policy. It is important to document everything in writing that your adjuster tells you.

After you are clear on your insurance company's position, your lawyer can help you prepare documents to prove your case. For example, if the company puts an amount on the cost of repairs for your house, then you need to get a written estimate from independent contractor. This estimate proves how much it cost to make repairs to your home.

Claim Damages For Unfair Treatment

If your insurance company is not treating you fair, then you may have the right to sue for breach of contract. Examples of unfair treatment include lowballing your claim, unreasonable delay, no explanation for denial, giving out misleading information and inadequate investigation. Proving breach of contract means you can get damages for being treated in this manner.

Hire A Private Investigator

Arson is a common reason why claims for house fires are denied. Your insurance company is going to do an investigation of what happened. If they think the fire is suspicious, then they will not pay for damages. You can counter this denial by hiring a private investigator.

An independent private investigator can examine your home and the surrounding circumstances. A written report is written at the end of the investigation. It also includes verification that your house is built of code and provides documentation of your fire safety systems. If your investigator's report challenges your insurance company's report, then you will receive documentation to file an appeal.

A fire can be devastating for a family depending on the severity. It can affect you physically, emotionally and destroy your property. You expect your insurance company to help with recovering your losses. Unfortunately, they are not always willing to pay for everything listed in your insurance claim. If you want to make your sure your best interests are at heart, then it is time to contact a lawyer.