About Getting Justice In A Nursing Home Abuse Case

Did you notice that a particular nurse is always in the room with you when visiting your parent in a nursing home? If out of curiosity you decided to examine your parent and found bruises, it is possible that physical abuse has been taking place. You might want to hire a lawyer so he or she can determine if you have a strong enough case for filing and winning a lawsuit. This article goes over a few of the helpful services that a lawyer can provide to help you get justice for your elderly parent.

1. Discuss the Situation

In the beginning of your case against the nursing home, you will have to explain why you are concerned about your parent. Tell the lawyer about the severity of the bruises that you noticed, as well as which part of the body they are on. Explain how long you have noticed that the nurse does not seem to want you to be left alone with your parent.  You might also be asked a few questions; such as if you have noticed a change in your parent's behavior. For example, your parent might be more jumpy or sad if he or she is being secretly abused.

2. Review Your Evidence

If you took photographs of the bruises, it can help with building a strong argument. The lawyer will need you to hand over the photos so they can be examined. For example, he or she might want to show the evidence to a physician to get a professional opinion about the nature of the bruises. Keep in mind that the photos will not likely be returned to you until the case is over.

3. Perform a Thorough Investigation

One of the services that a lawyer will provide is an investigation of the nursing home, which might include surveillance footage being examined. He or she will also learn about the care practices of the nurse that you are suspicious about. Basically, the lawyer will find out if the nurse has been abusing your parent, as well as other residents in the nursing home. The lawyer will find out if the nursing home has been in any lawsuits in the past in regards to the residents being abused by nurses. Reserve a day so you can consult with a lawyer about the bruises that were found on your elderly parent's body.

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